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Power of forgiveness by Rolf E. Keusen



Even though a lot has been said and written about the topic of “forgiveness,” the book by Rolf Keusen offers unique and important insights, which every Christian but should not only know but also practice. Different from all other religions, the God of the Bible offers Christians the unmerited gift of forgiveness. If we wanted to, we could forgive others any debt, receive forgiveness ourselves and enter through this into a life of complete freedom.


Practiced forgiveness is the key for healed and good relationships, for a life of freedom, healing and authority. Although forgiveness is part of biblical teaching, many Christians do not take it seriously and they do not practice it. The psalmist says:

Psalm 103:
… who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases.



When we forgive, then God forgives us also, and the way for inner and physical healing is opened. This has an effect on our marriages, family and throughout all of our relationships. We forgive others and our relationships will be restored.


On the other hand, if we don’t forgive that which was done to us or if we don’t ask for forgiveness of those we have wronged, then Satan has the right to attack. Possible points of attack are: sickness, sleep problems, depression and much more. This is clearly illustrated in the story about the servant in Matthew 18.


The worst would be that we decide NOT to forgive – because then God can NOT forgive us our trespasses either. God has committed himself to His word to forgive, when we forgive. That is why the theme of “forgiveness” is decisive in realizing a life of freedom.


We are thankful to Rolf Keusen that he has written down all the connections in clear, comprehensible and profound ways. We believe that this book will release a great blessing and much deliverance to those readers who will take it to heart. We approve that this topic will be discussed in such clarity one more time.


Jesus says: “Blessed is he who listens to his word and obeys.” We wish hat this book causes you to be a listener and doer of HIS word. It will bring deliverance and healing in many areas of your life.


                                                                                         Dr. Christoph Häselbarth

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The power of forgiveness
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